Leaving the Cave, the “Man Cave”

I’m not necessarily a fan of the term “man cave” but I do understand the importance of having a room just for him, a room for him to store memorabilia, increase his video game score, or have his entire posse of friends over to watch the game (with a manly, primeval name of course), especially with such a BIG GAME coming up! There are several types of man-rooms. The Official Man Cave Site defines man cave as “a dedicated area of a house, such as a basement, workshop, or garage, where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends.” The most popular are: Sports Room, Game Room, Media Room, Car Room, Wet Bar, and Home Office.

The trend has been driven mostly by advances in home electronics, video games, home theaters, and widescreen televisions, according to David Lupberger, ServiceMagic.com‘s home improvement expert. A poll conducted by ServiceMagic, examined the reasons men desire a separate room and the elements they want most in their man cave. The items that were most important to those polled were a widescreen TV (76%), a recliner (69%), a stereo (68%), a cooler or refrigerator (67%), a DVD player (67%), a computer (65%), and surround sound (64%). To break it down, these are the things you’ll definitely need to think about when putting together your room.

  • Furniture: You can find over sized leather reclining chairs complete with official sports team logos and team colors. He’ll lounge comfortably, in true style and his rear end will thank you for it!
  • Display: If he is a true fan of his team, chances are – he has some collectibles and memorabilia that are just too precious to be tacked up to a wall or tossed on an end table to be mistaken for a coaster. Display cases are a great way for him to show off his mementos while preserving their value….even if they are only valuable to him!
  • Wall Décor: Posters and framed pictures are obvious choices for wall hangings, but murals and Fathead decals are super fun as well! Fatheads are wall decals of a favorite player in action. They’re easy to apply and won’t ruin your paint or plaster.
  • Accessories: The rest of the decor is mostly the finishing touches and details such as throw rugs, beer mugs, banners, pennants, light fixtures or even bar and grill accessories.
  • Storage: In addition to comfortable seating and entertainment options, the man-room needs an organized place to store books, CDs, DVDs, games, and other entertainment accessories. Built-in bookcases are one option as are entertainment centers with drawer and racks for storage.

Apparently the freedom to mismatch and decorate items is important for 24% of men, so I’ll try not to take that personally. It’s not necessarily tried and true design elements that matter, but comfort, ease, and functionality. Here is how to get started on creating your ULTIMATE SPACE OF MANDOM. Yea, I like that term better.

  1. Pick an object (picture, juekbox, memorabilia) that will serve as the inspiration for the look and color of the room.
  2. Choose a focal point (pool table, TV, bar) that will be the visual focus for the rest of your room.
  3. Take some time to walk through the space and visualize what you want your Man Cave to look like. Be realistic in your assessment of the space and function.
  4. If your build requires plumbing, electrical or HVAC work, contact licensed professionals for their input or services. Don’t tackle something you’re not comfortable with. If you hire a contractor, get a signed quote from that contractor for the work to be done.

So much info, it wouldn’t all fit! Please visit the inspiration pages for each of the types of man-rooms: Sports Room, Game Room, Media Room, Car Room, Wet Bar, and Home Office.

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