Hello! My name is Kimberly Love and I graduated from The University of Georgia where I studied in a nationally accredited NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) program. A native of the Metro-Atlanta area, I have a keen interest in individualistic styles and multicultural influences.

It is important for me to appreciate and understand that every client has a unique vision and individual needs. Otherwise, every design would be from the page of a design textbook. I enjoy each challenge to make my client’s visions and dreams into reality.

I apply the principles of Interior Design …

  • Balance: correlation between mass and space
  • Rhythm: any element that occurs to maintain interest
  • Focus: what get attention when entering a room
  • Harmony: the sensitive balance of variety and unity in color, pattern and style
  • Proportion: relationship between all furniture and decor
  • Style: knowing when to break the rules!!