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Emerald Isle

THE color to be in 2013 is…. Emerald! Why? According to Pantone,

“Emerald, a vivid verdant green, enhances our sense of well-being further by inspiring insight as well as promoting balance and harmony…  [It is] the color of growth, renewal and prosperity, no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.”

Add accessories with Emerald to update your look.

Slide 1

{1} Serpentine Rug {2} Vase {3} Amac Boxes {4} Rock Candy Table Lamps {5} Zebra Pillow  {6} Metallic Glasses  {7} Place Setting {8} Pantanova Seating

Happy decorating!





Baby Shower


Living Room




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What is Lovesac?

I am so excited to be apart of the Lovesac team! (Lovesac.com is not a dirty website!) But what is it?

Lovesac is the most innovative, forward thinking, ingenious, modular furniture on the market…. and I’m not only saying that because I’m slightly biased. Don’t believe me? Take a look at your sofa.

I’ll wait.

Now, what happens when you need more seating? Or it’s in your way? Or if you’re moving from your third story apartment and can’t carry it down the stairs. Your sofa doesn’t look so appealing now, does it?

As Design Lead for Lovesac, my job is to help you find the best sac or sactional, accessories, area rug and/or paint color for your space by performing a free home consultation, drawing up plans, and putting it into an easy-to-read quote. Here is an example of a design plan:

No one can tell you how sactionals work better than founder, Shawn Nelson!

If you’re curious about what Lovesac has to offer, don’t hesitate to visit me at North Point Mall or call the store with questions (770) 667-9029.

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Decor with a bang!

What comes to mind when you think Americana? Rusty metal or flag bath towels? Well that’s no more! Here are a few crafty design ideas in good ol’ Red, White & Blue you can bring out for the weekends’ activities! Have a happy Independence Day!

{1} Subway style picture via eighteen25 {2} Sand Candles from Martha Stewart {3} Handmade wreath from all*you {4} Here’s a way to make a subtle statement in patriotic colors {5} Yummy Chocolate Covered Strawberries {6} Star medallion project from Martha Stewart {7} Fabric covered letters {8} Living space w/ a wonderful mix of patterns via Coastal Living

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