Stop!!! 11 Design-Don’ts

When tackling design on your own, there are a few no-no’s you’ll want to remember to create the best space possible!

1. Don’t think about “matching” colors. Good decorating is NOT a paint-by-numbers game. Items don’t necessarily coordinate just because they are all one color. Take advantage of different tones and hues to add depth to the space.

2. Don’t display every memento. I have a personal vendetta against tchotchkes. Bu t from a strictly non-bias perspective, displaying a tone of knickknacks diminishes the importance of the collection. Choose a few pieces that mean a lot and display them in a curio cabinet, accent table, or use a grouping that makes the collection artistic.

3. Don’t paint a room without testing the color. The lighting in the store can significantly different from the lighting atmosphere in your home. Similarly, paint chips aren’t always exact either. So buy a small amount to test in the conditions where you plan to use it. It’s a small extra expense now that saves you a huge headache later.

4. Don’t create a theme park. Don’t apply a theme to every single fixture or décor. For anyone of the age of 10, overly themed rooms are a bit of a faux pas. The idea will come across much more sophisticated when it is refined.

5. Don’t pair unevenly scaled items. Combining an over-sized sofa with a single small artwork visually throw off a room. Make sure to measure your room, because unless you have the same 20-foot ceilings as the showroom, that 8-foot lamp will look odd.

6. Don’t line the walls. Furniture is made with four sides, so why not relieve your sofa from the wall? Create small living areas within a larger space to promote interaction and use the space effectively.

7. Don’t make your favorite color the only color. Just because green is your favorite color, doesn’t make it right for the walls to be drenched in it. Instead, choose a subtle paint color to make a “pop” with green accents.

8. Don’t underestimate lighting. Relying recessed lighting can make your space look clinical. Lamps add interest and mood, while (professional speaking) add more lumens so it’s easier to see during various tasks.

9. Don’t just buy the set. The sofa, loveseat, chair, and tables may have come at an unbeatable price- but it makes for a very underwhelming design plan. Mix and match colors and patterns to add interest and express individual style.

10. Don’t choose fad textiles. Large, unique prints are great for draperies and bedspreads, but be weary of using fad patterns on more permanent fixtures (wallpaper, rugs, or expensive sofas, etc.). If you plan on keeping it the same for more than 5 years use a neutral pattern and/or color.

11. Don’t do ugly. Maybe, that’s harsh adjective. But don’t buy (or inherit) something that you think you’ll “learn” to like. If it doesn’t make you happy when you look at it, maybe it will make someone else happy…  Make sure to design your home for you.



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2 responses to “Stop!!! 11 Design-Don’ts

  1. I love that you have a blog!!!

    Tip number nine is by far my favorite. About 99% of the time, I loathe furniture sets. I mean, they are definstely a bargain, but the few extra dollars might be worth it to add some interest. =)

    • Megan

      I love tip 8 to not underestimate lighting. So true. SO TRUE…I really thinking lighting makes or breaks a design.

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