NeoCon 2014 Day #1

It’s my first time at NeoCon and I’m so excited! So far today, highlights include new products from Coalesse, Teknion, and Tandus that are pretty cool, a bulletproof vest chair, and a huge panda made of wallpaper. And that’s in the first 4 hours!

Trends I’ve seen:

1.Felt fabric on reception furniture is huge! Almost every manufacturer has featured felt on something.

2. Color, color, color! Dont be afraid. And if you are- put it on something you’re going to change in 10 years anyway like tackboards, task chairs,  and pillows.

3. Ergonomics. There is no reason to sit on your uncomfortable desk chair when so many manufacturers offer fun, reasonably priced options.

4. Technology has evolved,  make sure your furniture and the functionality of your office isn’t left behind.






Please excuse spelling and grammar errors while I’m on the go!

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