Gorgeous Dresses from the Golden Globes: 2013

I love, love, LOVE award season and not just to celebrate the theatrical accomplishments of Hollywood that I’ve seen (and most that I haven’t), but also because this time of year is oozing with beautiful fashion and new designs. Last night at the Golden Globes, I saw a definite similarity with some of the dresses. Here are four of the color trends we will definitely see again this year!

Emerald. I expected to see a little more Emerald since it’s the color of the year, but I love the dresses that were there!

Goldn Globes 2013- Emerald

Blue. There was a wide range of blues. My favs were Rosario Dawson and Morena Baccarin’s.
Goldn Globes 2013- BlueRed, and variations thereof. It use to be cliche to wear red on the red carpet. Not anymore! These gals embraced vibrant dresses for the affair.
Goldn Globes 2013- Red

Nude. What’s the recipe for a knock-out dress for an award show? Nude color + sheer + a healthy dollop of sparkle.

Goldn Globes 2013-Nude

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