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Dream in Color

Color is the single most important design element in creating spaces that reflect mood and style. Color surrounds us and defines our world.

Since 1963, Pantone Color Institute has devised color palettes for forecasting the shades of the season, often offering fashion and interior designers a creative baseline for their new projects.

“Trend” colors forecasted by Pantone are great when used as accents and not for larger items, such as furniture and wallpaper patterns.

I wonder if any element of interior design is more personal than color? Nothing can more quickly reveal aspect of personality and character than the choice – or absence – of color. – Van Day Truex

Fall/ Winter 2010


Spring/Summer 2011


Fall/Winter 2011

Discover how Pantone predicts colors for each year:


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Welcome Home!

As we know, in life, first impressions- our appearance, the way we speak, etc- are a major factor in how people remember us. The same is true for our homes. Those shrubs that need to be cut, broken shutters, or cracked light will be remembered consciously or subconsciously by our guests even if they don’t mention it. Bear in mind it’s the only part of the house that people will stand and stare at very close up for several minutes at a time, so quality and finish are important. Likewise, passersby will form an opinion of who you are by what your house looks like.

If you’re in the market for a new front door here are some things you’ll want to know:

  1. There are (5) main types of doors: wood, steel, aluminum, and a fiberglass-composite mixture. Each have perform well in different areas.
  2. Wood is often the most affordable and can be easily stained or painted. However, without proper maintenance, wood doors can chip, peel, or even warp.
  3. Steel doors are considered to be one of the most secure choices for any home. They are very durable and are much heavier than wood or aluminum doors. Without proper maintenance, they may begin to rust.
  4. Aluminum doors are generally made with a wood interior covered by an aluminum shell that is then coated with a baked on finish of enamel. In some cases, these doors are made of a metal frame that is filled with a foam core to insulate and provide a better energy efficiency rating.
  5. Composite doors are made from a wood frame and filled with a foam interior. They are then wrapped with a fiberglass outer shell. These doors are often more expensive than the other door types. However, composite doors require no maintenance and are very durable. Most come with a lifetime warranty if installed with the matching door frame.
  6. Keep in mind, a “wood” door isn’t necessarily entirely wood anymore. In fact, some wood doors have steel interiors, and steel doors have wood exteriors. A fiberglass or steel door may have a wood frame. And nearly any door may have a core of foam insulation.
  7. You can now buy an entire “entry system.” With an entry system, a door is pre-hung in its frame, the door’s bottom edge interlocks with the threshold, and weather-stripping encircles the door’s perimeter. This ensures the door is properly sealed in the door jamb and prevents drafts or pathways for little critters.
  8. Look for low-e glazing on window units. For added security, some manufacturers offer glazing designed to resist break-ins.

So to spark some ideas, take a look at these beautifully designed front doors. What do you think about the people who live here?

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Inspiration: Great Design for Little Girls

Good Design (n): defined predominantly in the eye of the beholder. Holistically, it means creating a cohesive space that accesses function, personal and monetary value, aesthetics, and relevance to your lifestyle. Remember it’s not just blue for boys and pink for girls anymore! Embrace color to make your child’s room truly unique.

For our pretty princes or future doctors, these are great designs for them to grow up in.

The oversized dots turn the walls into artwork. The soft green bedding makes a nice contrast to the vibrant walls.

A great alternative to carpeting wood floors are large area rugs that coordinate with your color scheme.

Sherri Blum brings us the regal design with iron crib and diamond, understated wall treatment. This pink is allowed to pop against the yellow walls and is topped of with a classical chandelier.

This beautiful nursery dones golden walls, with lighter drapery and furniture. The room is illuminated with a crystal chandelier that has hints of pinks and blues.

Creating a canopy that begins at the ceiling heightens the room. And creates a backdrop for this lovely red and green room.

This girly playroom uses seating at different height and lines that further define that height to create a functional and fashionable space.

Bold and beautifully eclectic. Melissa Rufty of MMR Interiors created this room adds traditional lines, vintage artwork, modern prints and makes a cohesive design.

This mid-century modern inspired bedroom uses a warm palette and vintage accents.

Gweneth Paltrow had this four-poster bed created for her daughter Apple.

The sleigh bed houses beautiful pink bird-motif bedding. The modern artwork makes the little girls' room all 21st Century.

Green made girly with espresso furniture and modern wall art.

This is a possible DIY project for your little princess. TIP: make sure to get fabric treated with flame retardant and lower the lighting fixture.

This is definitely a room your child can grow with. Another DIY project is the seashell artwork. Apply seashells (or anything you want!) to the outside of recycled picture frames and mount without the back to let the paint color show through.

Hints of turquoise and white linens pop brilliantly against the dark wood floors.

Barrie Benson created this Atlanta home with repurposed Chinese frames used as headboards and bold pink accents.

Amanda Nesbit created this traditional child's room using green accents on the tufted headboard, twin bed skirts, and polka dot pillows.

Jonathan Adler created this quaint girls' room. One creative element is using the same print it different place. Here, the print on the wall is used on inside the canopy and the pink stripe outside the canopy is used on the light fixture.

Tween magic! Deep purple and pinks, sparkle, and feathers are allowed to shine against the white walls and floor.

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